Service Development Manager


Full-time - 35 hours per week

Up to £35,000pa

The London Irish Centre is the Irish Heart of London. Our Mission is to empower and enrich lives through Irish community and culture

For over sixty years, we’ve been proud to provide vital frontline welfare services to multi-generational Irish diaspora in London, whilst instilling positive impact within local communities through education, entertainment and cultural awareness; courtesy of our vibrant venue and home: The London Irish Centre. As a charity, we represent all that is celebrated about Ireland: warm, welcoming, inclusive, diverse, unique, and open to every generation. As a venue, we represent heritage and history, but modern innovation. The opportunity to foster friendships for life, advance your business ambitions or be entertained. Our commitment lies in meeting the wants and needs of our shared communities, now and for the future.


The Service Development Manager is a key role at the London Irish Centre (LIC) as the postholder will be responsible for influencing and managing relationships with staff and external stakeholders to drive quality improvements as a part of the overall leadership of the LIC. The post holder will deliver effective change with compassion, building on the innovations we delivered during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the service pivoted to meet new needs. Through strong leadership of needs-led services, the role will support the delivery of high impact services. The role will also oversee the delivery of support to people with complex needs using a strengths-based approach, empowering people in a range of areas, including welfare benefits, housing, returning to Ireland, moving to London and linking with other services.  

You can download the application pack here.
To apply for the role, please complete the application form here.
The deadline for applications is 9am Monday 27th July.

We will be conducting the interviews in the following week, on Tuesday 4th August and they will be held on Zoom.

The London Irish Centre is a London Living Wage and Equal Opportunities employer.