Mind Yourself supports the health and wellbeing of Irish people in London. It runs a number of groups and activities that aim to engage members of the community and reduce social isolation, such as art, music and exercise. It also helps to link individuals in with the appropriate services for their needs and assists them to navigate the health system. 

Mind Yourself originally arose from the work of the London Irish Women's Centre (LIWC). LIWC was founded in 1983 and secured its own premises in Stoke Newington in 1984. For the next 28 years it delivered a range of programmes and services to women of Irish birth and descent. In 2011 the organisation was reinvented and changed its name to Mind Yourself.

Mind Yourself opened its doors up to men also and focused on reducing the health inequalities in the Irish Community.  Mind Yourself struggled to support its services financially and in March 2018 it closed as an independent organisation. Its services were taken over by the London Irish Centre with the partnership allowing Mind Yourself's identity, community, groups and services to live on.

For more information or to refer yourself or a family member / friend please contact Ruth on 020 7916 2222
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