The Irish community in London is large, multi-generational and diverse.

Through events, gatherings and online platforms, we connect and support this community.

  • Website - our busy website provides resources, information and opportunities to get involved

  • Social Media - our social media platforms (links below) communicate with and connect the Irish in London

  • Global Irish – with London being home to the biggest Irish population outside of Ireland, we are deeply connected to both Ireland and the global Irish diaspora

  • Befriending - this invaluable community service matches volunteers with isolated or housebound older Irish people

  • Volunteering - over 100 volunteers generously offer their time, skills and networks to support the charity’s work in a range roles

  • Family playgroup - we engage new generations of Irish in London with Irish culture through a monthly playgroup

  • The Venue - the historic and iconic London Irish Centre host hundreds of social, cultural community events every years. See the upcoming programme here.

  • Support – if you are looking for space for an Irish cultural/community event, you can apply through our Community Usage Programme. Contact us below.

Click here to see upcoming events or click here to contact us.

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