The Benevolent Society of St Patrick Grant

From the BSOSP

The Benevolent Society of St Patrick was instituted in 1783 to assist Irish persons in need and resident in London.

The Society distributes money by way of small grants to Irish people in London who are in need. The grants range from £50 to £250. This is only possible through the generosity of the Society's supporters, who have generously donated, since its inception.

The scheme is administered by the London Irish Centre’s Community Services Department. This keeps costs for a minimum and ensures that grants go to where they are most needed, complementing the other services LIC and other front line organisations provide.

The Irish population of London is the oldest minority community in London. Over 25% are 65 or older and most of them live alone. Many of the people who came in the decades after the war are now living in poverty and isolation, and often without adequate housing, sufficient income, access to healthcare, and social opportunities. The Society is unable to remedy all these problems, but nonetheless makes a real, and often critical difference.

On average, we assist around 200 people every year. They are often penniless, and in need of a square meal.

Grants are given for the following purposes:

  • To provide items of clothing or footwear
  • To provide essential items of household equipment
  • To give emergency support for winter heating needs
  • To pay for funeral travel expenses
  • To support moves to new accommodation
  • To support convalescence
  • To provide special educational items, including school trips

Please click the links below to see guidance, criteria and application forms.

Grant Application Guidance & Criteria.

Grant Application Form.