Lost Contact

Lost Contact Service Overview

The London Irish Centre (LIC) Lost Contact Service searches for a missing person using the records of Health & Social Care services. These are checked against the details provided to us by the family member.

Searches can take several months to complete and a small fee of £20 is charged to help cover administrative costs.

Unfortunately we are only able to search for people who are family relatives of the applicant or who have grown up with/spent time sharing a home with the applicant. We cannot assist where the missing person is a spouse or friend.

At no stage and under no circumstances will these services provide the LIC Lost Contact Service with any contact details for the person we are trying to trace. This is due to patient confidentiality and the Data Protection Act.

What We Will Do

We will ask the Health & Social Care services to check their records of people who are registered with a GP or other medical practitioner or who are known to Social Care services.

If a person with the same details as provided to us is found we will send a letter to the Health & Social Care services and they will in turn forward this to the missing person. This letter tells the missing person who is searching for them and invites her/him to make contact with the LIC. It is a standard letter and cannot contain any personal items or messages, e.g. news of the family.

Decision About Making Contact

Once this letter has been sent it is for the missing person to decide whether she or he wishes to make contact. She or he can make contact with the person who is looking for them either directly, through the London Irish Centre or through the Health & Social Care services.

If the missing person chooses not to make contact we will let you know. No further information will be provided to her/him and no further attempts to contact her/him will be made. If the missing person has died If a matching record is found indicating that the missing person has died the Health & Social Care services will inform us of this.

They can also tell us which year and in which part of the UK the person died. We will inform you of this and will offer to seek further information if required.

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