At current, we would not advise anyone to move to London given the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

If you are thinking about moving to London, please contact us first to discuss your options and to make a fully informed plan. Please also read the below information which provides an update on travel, housing and the benefits system.

Our contact details are:  

London Irish Centre Advice Service  

Telephone: 0207 916 2222 

Online Chat via our Website- 9.30-1pm and 2-4pm Monday-Friday  

Email: [email protected]  

An experienced member of our advice team will respond as soon as they can once your query is received.  


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Irish government have advised against all non-essential travel. They have published a short list of countries who are exempt from the 14 quarantine restrictions in Ireland (You can find the full list here). The UK is not included in the list and therefore, anyone entering Ireland from the UK will need to restrict their movements for 14 days or the duration of their stay.

The UK government have published a list of countries which they do not deem to be a threat to British people travelling there (You can find the full list here). Ireland is exempt from the UK quarantine restrictions. 

Please see for travel advice for UK 

Please see for travel advice relating to Ireland 

If you do need to travel, please contact the various agencies you wish to travel with eg; your ferry or flight provider and they will be able to provide the most up-to-date information.  

If you are thinking about returning to Ireland, please see these useful links below:


The current Covid-19 crisis has also impacted on the rental market here in London. A social distancing policy remains in place throughout the UK, posing challenges logistically such as collecting keys and signing contracts.

Unless absolutely necessary, we would advise people not to move to London at the current time and to hold off if possible until restrictions have been eased.  


Should you find yourself in a position where you have no income and are struggling, please consider applying for Universal Credit. This can be done online and over the phone- however please note that making a claim over the phone can involve a considerable wait. This is due to increased numbers.  

The link to make a claim is 

Phone number: 0800 328 5644 

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm 

Crisis Grants:  

The London Irish Centre have two grants available- The Benevolent Society of St Patrick Grant which is for people who are Irish or of Irish descent.  

Irish Youth Foundation Grant- which is for people under 30.  

Both of these grants are crisis grants and have various criteria which must be satisfied. Please contact the Advice service to find out more information.