The aim of the London Irish Centre Charity’s Befriending Service is to reduce social isolation, improving the emotional well-being of Irish clients. We do this by providing a culturally sensitive service to the Irish community.

The Befriending service is for older Irish clients in London with a low to moderate level of support. 

Clients may feel sociallyisolated and are not engaged with activities in the community. Clients may not have regular personal contact with family or friends. 

Objectives of service

To reduce social isolation and loneliness by providing weekly visits to provide stimulation and improve mental well -being
To increase social connection and contact with the Irish community and cultural services

Why become a befriender?

• An opportunity to meet new people
• A chance to make a difference 
• An increased sense of community 
• A full induction into the LICC, instruction and ongoing support to carry out your role
• Great experience to put on your CV 

Benefits for clients 

Emotional support 
Health benefits
Self-esteem & confidence
Increased social awareness
Learning how to relate to others
Using community resources and services

Our service is: 


We take the time to find exactly the right befriender for each individual. We will make the best possible match, based on personality and shared experience.


All our volunteers are carefully recruited, police checked and trained to ensure a safe, professional service.


Weekly sessions can be arranged for a day and time that suits the individual.

Improves wellbeing:

Regular visits from someone who cares can has a significant positive impact on mental and physical wellbeing

For referrals please contact:  

Caroline Hanks: Befriending Coordinator

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 0207 916 2222 (Working days Wednesday and Thursday)

To learn more about the benefits of befriending please see the below link to the Befriending Network