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The Irish Creative Series is our new digital strand to the programme which showcases one emerging Irish talent each month.

In March, we want to tell you about Áine.


Who’s Aine?

‘I’m not writing to a brief or catering to what people want,

 I’m here to have my own sound, my own space.’

Hailing from the small county of Cavan just over the border in Southern Ireland, 24-year-old emerging artist Áine’s ambitions have always outsized her hometown. Áine grew up feeling like an outsider, and it was music that helped her articulate her feelings. “Being from a small area, it definitely made me want to do something really big” she says. In 2016, Áine did just that, landing a gig at one of the biggest festivals in the world, the most important show of her career to date, and her first outside Ireland.

Áine’s career has started from Glastonbury when unknown to her Mark Cooper, BBC’s head of TV, attended her gig in a local pub. Fascinated by Áine’s performance, he invited her to play for BBC’s Glastonbury coverage. This incident initiated a chain of events that would not only see Áine make massive waves as a breakthrough artist, but also reveal more of her individuality and sensibilities.

Writing songs has always been a deeply personal act for the young singer, but when she taps into universal themes of loneliness or insecurity, they take on a new power and a reach that extends far beyond Cavan. Áine sees her personal formula as not to be afraid to commit the sharp observations of people to song. Her music is frank and searingly honest, and her voice is thrillingly soulful. It is what makes people relate to her creativity. ‘If people relate to my music then I’m delighted, but the last thing I’d do is sit in a song writing session thinking, 'will anyone like it if I say this?' I’m not writing to a brief or catering to what people want, I’m here to have my own sound, my own space’.


Where can I find out more?


Where can I see Aine?

PAPER DRESS VINTAGE, 352a Mare St, Hackney, London E8 on Tuesday 26th March

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