We are delighted that Irish chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and broadcaster, Clodagh Mckenna, wants to raise funds for our essential services for vulnerable Irish.
Clodagh's goal is to raise £5,000 towards our annual Christmas Appeal. 

From Clodagh:

The most special thing about being an Irish person, is the sense of community and togetherness. We have historically always looked after each other, like a big family.
My Christmas gift to you and hopefully yours to me is to help me to give grá back to the amazing London Irish Centre charity that help so many of our Irish family.
Please make our Christmas gifts count this year by making one of our Irish family members feel loved, safe and cared for. 
My christmas wish is to raise £5K by this Friday 22nd December, please share this and donate what feels good to you. 
Grá, Clodagh xx 

You can support her campaign here: Clodagh's Christmas Wish