“They’d seen his face before…”
A Day In The Life-The Beatles A force far greater than fate or destiny pushes two total strangers to cross paths one day on a Wicklow Hill. Whilst overlooking the magical Luggala Valley and mysterious Lough Tay aka The Guinness Lake, time stands still in more ways than one. Separate lives are lived through one day with moving, sometimes humorous and very unexpected consequences…
Written by Maria McAteer.
Directed by Karen Spicer with Darren Cheek and Maria McAteer
18th March - 7.30pm
20th March - 7.30pm & 9pm
21st March - 7.30pm
22nd March - 3pm
Tickets are £10/12 available now on https://billetto.co.uk/e/on-a-wicklow-hill-tickets-406104