LIC Presents 'Poetry and Music of the Wild Atlantic, an Today's Ireland'

LIC Presents 'Poetry and Music of the Wild Atlantic, an Today's Ireland' with Paddy Bushe and Theo Dorgan this Friday 24th May.

Paddy Bushe and Theo Dorgan will be on board the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, helping tell the story of the Bantry Long Boat and the history of Bantry Bay, from the French Armada of 1796 to the present day.

"From the Coble Coast to Bantry Bay" will be an evening of poems and music about the traditional craft of England and Ireland at the time of the launch of the Cutty Sark, 150 years ago this year.

Bantry Bay

It will include Bantry Bay, which tells the story of the remarkable Bantry Long Boat, the oldest ship in the French Navy, captured in 1796 during the attempted French invasion of South West Ireland, and resting today in the National Museum in Dublin.

In an exuberant sound piece, poet-sailor Mick Delap uses the words of five different contemporaries, and the music of the time, played live by local SE London resident Alexis Bennett, to trace the Bantry Long Boat's 220 year odyssey.

Mick and Alexis will be joined on stage by Paddy Bushe, Theo Dorgan, and Doireann Ni Brihain (among other things, the voice of Luas!).

The evening will also include The Blue Lonnen, an elegy in words and music for the coble, the traditional wooden boat of the English North East - with the poetry of Katrina Porteus, and more live fiddle from Alexis Bennett.

Tickets £16