The new London Irish Film Club series will launch on April 26th and run fortnightly throughout our Spring/ Summer season! The fourth in this series is What we Leave in our Wake.

Directed by acclaimed Irish director Pat Collins (Song of Granite), What We Leave in Our Wake provides another insight into the filmmaker’s characteristic concerns with navigating the traits of Irish culture and history.


In this filmic essay, Collins borrows from archive footage and modern day interviews to open up a discussion on the state of Ireland, combining many conversations to trigger a general and collective reflection on Irish culture. Poetically evocative in the use of its sources and its careful editing, the film brings together images from the past and the present to conjure a sense of a national identity.


With the spectre of the economic crisis looming in the background of many of its images, we are left to reflect on what remains of a nation in difficult times, when the traces of the Celtic Tiger leaves only a portrait of consumerism and greed. Exploring themes such as emigration, mythology, consumerism, socialism, the place of the Church in Irish life, the central role of land in Irish history, and the sense of a civic society, this is a compelling and spellbinding survey of the Irish nation.


This screening is presented with the support of IFI International as part of Culture Ireland’s GB18 initiative, and Arts Council Ireland.


What We Leave in Our Wake, Pat Collins, 70 mins, Ireland, 2010

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