The London Irish Film Club series returns for our Autumn/Winter season and will run fortnightly every Thursday from 7pm! The 4th installment is the screening of Breaking Ground'.

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground the story of the London Irish Women's Centre (2013) tells the story of a radical organisation founded to support generations of Irish women in London.

The film does more than just recount the story of the Centre from its origins in the 1980s to its closure in 2012. It is a creative fusion of montage, archive and oral history that greatly contributes to our understanding of radical feminism, national identity and sexual politics during this period.

Made by an all women crew, the film combines captivating and candid archive footage filmed in London over 30 years, with thoughtful and provocative accounts from some of the amazing women who were part of the women's movement in the city during that time.

London Irish Women Centre

The films conjures up a 1980's London which made the London Irish Women's Centre both necessary and possible.

The organisation was founded in 1983 to provide an alternative cultural and political space for women to be Irish, supporting and representing all women in London who identified themselves as Irish, regardless of politics, religion, colour or class.

From the outset they openly discussed and made public, issues pertinent to Irish women in London against a backdrop of anti-Irish racism from within the UK and indifference from the mainstream Irish community in London.

This screening is presented with the support of IFI International as part of Culture Ireland’s GB18 initiative, and Arts Council Ireland.


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