Join our Coder Dojo at the London Irish Centre! If you have no prior experience with programming, our mentors, volunteers and maybe even other attendees will be able to help. If you do have experience with programming, we can help you with finding new challenges. 

To get us started you'll have a chance to explore one of two different topics Scratch - a block based programming language where you can create anything from games to apps or the BBC micro:bit - a small, credit card sized piece of hardware that lets you code things in the real world. CoderDojo is all about self-led learning: it's quite different from a traditional classroom setting. Children (or as CoderDojo refers to them, ninjas), can work on anything they want to. If they do not know what to work on, we will provide exercises to choose from. Mentors like to say "ask three, then me". This means the ninjas first ask themselves if they can think of any other solution. The second step would be searching online for a solution, and the third one, asking their peers. Finally, if they are still stuck, they ask the mentors. This aims to help ninjas get more comfortable with thinking about more than one way of solving a problem and collaborating with their peers.

We are also looking for volunteers to help run our new CoderDojo at London Irish Centre for 1-2 hours on one Saturday per month. You don’t need to know how to code, you just need to have passion for their mission to give young people the opportunity to learn and create with technology in a fun, safe and social environment - and the drive to make things happen. CoderDojo is a global movement of free, open, volunteer-led coding clubs (Dojos) where young people aged 7–17 (called “ninjas”) can explore digital technology.

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