Advice, Support and Assistance for Irish People in London

The London Irish Centre runs the largest welfare service for Irish people outside of Ireland. Each year we work with thousands of people in London to improve their income, housing, access to health, and social inclusion opportunities.

From the outset the London Irish Centre has always existed to support the Irish community in London, and while the needs of each generation of Irish people in the city are different, our core mission remains the same.

Each day we work with a cross-section of the entire community, assisting those who are experiencing crises in housing, debt, employment or health concerns, as well as providing necessary support for both older Irish emigrants, and new arrivals to the city. We provide this assistance through our drop-in advice clinic, online support, outreach and befriending visits, our day centre and wellbeing services, including clubs and social groups across London. 

“I was advised to go to the LIC by a friend. I was in a terrible state when I first went there… I was completely stressed and at, one stage, I even thought of suicide… (now) our future is much brighter and I feel much more optimistic about it. It helps to know that I can always go to LIC for help if I need it.” Welfare Client

Our welfare work is guided by our research on the Irish community in London, to ensure that we are aware of and meeting the real needs of the community. In 2012, we carried out the largest ever piece of research on the Irish community in London - read it here.

The Centre’s services are accredited by the Advice Quality Standard, the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation, and the London Housing Foundation - Day Centre Standards.

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