Black History Month - #ImIrish Exhibition

Date: October 06, 2016

Doors: 10:00

Venue: London Irish Centre

Price: FREE

Black history Month celebration of Mixed Race Irish People  #IamIrish exhibition showing form 6 - 31 Oct.

This project will map the roots, lives and experiences of mixed race Irish people creating intimate portraits which challenge perceptions of what it looks like to be Irish and open up people’s minds to the wonderful diversity of the Irish people.

The project in October to coincide with Black History Month, in the centenary year of Irish Independence, is a unique and powerful opportunity to weave these celebrations of Black and Irish heritage together and put diversity in full focus.

2016 marks the centenary of the Republic Of Ireland, an opportunity to remember the country’s history and the heritage and traditions of its people. This project embraces that spirit to celebrate the voices and the lives of independent, Irish people everywhere who happen to be mixed race. Drawing strong lines between the portraits and their family crests, we seek to dispel the idea that if you are from a non-white community, you are automatically an immigrant.  

‘For mixed race Irish people in reality our ancestry, our roots, our blood are Irish and we are proud of it.’


This exhibition will be on display until the beginning of November. 


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